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Top Solar Panel Installation Company in the US Midwest

Thinking of a solar panel install? Solar panel installations, in the U.S. Midwest states of Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana, have officially entered the "Early Bird Gets the Worm" phase of the solar energy market. Families, Farmers and Firms, throughout the Midwest, can turn to Lumin Energy Company to guide them through the solar installation process and help them to produce their own solar energy.

Our company has three divisions; Residential, Commercial and Agricultural. Lumin Energy Company makes it possible for your family or company to lock in your per kwh solar electricity price, and at a lower per kwh rate. For the first time, electricity can be purchased at a fixed cost over the long term. We offer a complete hedge against electricity price inflation. Save your company or household money!

The return of a solar panel installation project over the long term is determined by the solar energy technology.  In most cases, we find the combination of SolarEdge HD WAVE inverter technology and the LG Chem RESU ESS solar battery back up to be the best fit. SolarEdge inverter and mobile monitoring, along with LG solar and battery storage products, together seem to provide the most utility, while being the solution to our energy efficiency optimization process.

Lumin Energy Company can provide a plug and play or turn-key ready solar panel installation.LWe can also provide farmers, families and firms, along with other do-it-yourselfers out there, extensive solar energy product.  Lumin Energy Company invests in ourselves, and our communities, through industry-leading solar training, solar safety procedures, and solar safety operations.

We simplify the solar panel buying decision for our clients. We gather and educate our clients on all solar incentives and solar rebates. We work for you! These solar incentives include the federal solar tax credit, state solar tax incentives and utility solar energy incentives.

Solar panel costs have come down. The price per watt for solar panel installations has dropped 80% in the last five years. This has brought about tremendous growth to solar energy in new state markets. This solar panel cost drop also makes now the time for farms and businesses to switch to solar energy. 

We provide our customers a free solar design, along with a complete financial analysis of the solar panel project.  Lumin Energy Company offers 100% free solar panel project consultation. All we need is an electric bill to provide you a free solar energy quote!

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Our Service Area: Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky