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Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky

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Solar Panels, Inverters, Lithium-Ion Solar Battery, Electric Vehicle Charger, Mobile Energy Monitoring, Racking (Ground Mount, Rooftop, Drill-less), Smart Thermostats and More Solar Energy Technology

Over 75% of the solar panel energy systems that have been installed in the Midwest, have been installed as non-optimized solar energy systems. These systems are also not designed to keep operating when the electric grid goes down. Lumin Energy Company optimizes our solar energy systems by implementing the most efficient solar technologies on the market, SolarEdge and LG Chem solar technologies. Lumin Energy Company offers top solar panel energy technology, while maximizing economic and energy efficiencies for our customers. Lumin Energy systems are designed to operate in desperate times such as no internet or the electric grid goes down. Whether a family, farmer or firm, turn to Lumin Energy Company to produce your own solar electricity. Lumin Energy Company is a solar energy pioneer, Western U.S found, solar panel installation company. We are expanding solar energy from the U.S. West to the Midwest.

Our solar energy agents have experience on a national scale. We work for our clients. A solar proposal involves very industry specific technical and financial knowledge. We know what the true factors are, and we know how the variables will change over time. Our solar energy agents handle all permits, paperwork and phone calls. Our solar energy system interconnection and permitting teams has been involved in thousands of solar panel installations. We have dealt with many cities and counties, and other authorities having jurisdiction regarding solar permitting.

We find the best solar technology fit for our customers, while making our customers aware of all real solar rebates, solar incentives and solar savings. Solar incentives include federal, state and utility incentives. We can provide you a plug and play or turn-key ready solar installation. Lumin Energy Company invests in ourselves and our communities through industry-leading training, safety procedures, and operations. Lumin Energy Company offers 100% free solar energy consultation. All we need is an electric bill to provide you a free solar energy system quote!

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Our Service Area: Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky