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Lumin Energy Company is located throughout the following U.S. Midwestern states; Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. We install residential, commercial and agricultural solar panel systems.  We are a U.S. Midwestern solar panel energy system installation company that does much more than install solar panels. We offer a full-service, one-stop shop, digital solar panel energy system installation agency.  We provide digital solar energy system installation, financing, analysis, consultation, engineering and design services to our clients.  All services are offered to every solar energy project.  Our solar panel energy system installation company will handle all permits, paperwork and phone calls.  Each client is assigned an energy agent or, if needed, an energy team!  WE HANDLE EVERYTHING FOR YOU!  

Installing solar digital energy systems is so much more than a construction job. If you install a solar energy project, the clean energy you produce can be sold into the solar renewable energy credit market. Our agents will discuss contracts on the value of your clean energy production. Some clean energy production contracts pay for up to 15 years -PAID UPFRONT. This is a whole new energy market. An energy market that is even more new in the Midwest, than in the eastern and western U.S. Yet, the new solar digital energy market will essentially be completely throughout the nation by the end of 2020. To the Midwest, we say, welcome to the new digital energy market. It is nice, especially if you are a farmer or rural business owner paying high electricity prices.   

Lumin Energy Company offers free initial consultation and proposals to our prospective clients. We only need an electric bill, or to be told your electricity usage, in order to begin the process. It does not cost our potential clients to have us work to try to lower any electric utility bill!  The time to install solar panels, within the Midwestern U.S., has arrived! We install state-of-the-art, solar panel energy systems.

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