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E3tD Proprietory Design 




Lumin Energy Company is a modern-day energy company.  What dictates the return on investment of any energy project?  Technology now dictates energy market returns, no longer is it the energy source.  Lumin Energy Company produces electricity directly from sunlight.  The sunlight can be used as electricity for your home, business, farm and finally as a fuel for electric vehicle travel.  We design for mobility, buildings or any other use.  Lumin Energy Company is a team of electrical and structural engineers, visionaries, designers, economists and energy analysts.  Our teams combine digital energy technology analysis, electrical and structural engineering with aesthetic and economic design.  All the services that we provide, you will experience through your own energy agent or our digital energy agent team, if needed.  Your energy agent will walk your family, farm or firm through this new energy transition.  Our energy agents work for you.

Lumin Energy Company designs are done by electrical engineers.  Our electrical engineers will design your digital energy system, using the best in the industry, solar and digital energy engineering and financial analysis software.  We provide permit ready, accepted by financial institutions and authorities having jurisdiction at any level, solar production and economic analysis for our clients.  The difference with our electrical engineer designers is that we design at the per KWH cost per square foot level.  This is much different electrical design than what the large solar energy providers provide.  Lumin Energy Company answers the question, where is the solar energy market heading after the implosion of “Big Box” solar.    

Lumin Energy Company provides the latest digital energy technology options for all buildings. We install both rooftop and ground-mounted energy systems. We consult our clients on all digital energy technology products. These products include: solar module, inverter, racking, energy storage, satellite (both mobile monitoring and mobile control), smart thermostat, EV charging, production and consumption capable, digital energy technologies.

Lumin Energy Company offers highly trained and experienced energy agents. Our energy agents work directly with you and for you.  Lumin Energy Company also offers energy consultations at no cost to our prospective clients. Our energy agents only require an electric bill to begin the process. An energy proposal involves very industry specific technical and financial knowledge. Our energy agents are trained to be industry leading digital energy analysts.  Our mission is to optimize energy production for our clients, while minimizing our client’s cost to do so.

Lumin Energy agents can often provide day one, cash flow positive digital energy systems. Our energy agents handle all permits, paperwork and phone calls. Our interconnection and permitting teams have been involved in thousands of energy projects. We deal with many cities and counties, and other authorities having jurisdiction regarding solar permitting.  Lumin Energy Company invests in ourselves and our communities through industry-leading training, safety procedures, and operations. Our team’s experience is on a national scale going back to 2011. We will advise you on your specific situation, location and energy needs. We work for you!

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