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Agricultural Solar Panel Installations for Farmers and US Midwest Rural Businesses

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Rural Solar Panel Installations

Our agricultural solar panel installation division serves both farmers and rural businesses, throughout the Midwest.  Solar energy in the Midwest is in the “Early Bird Gets The Worm” stage of the market. The cost of rural and farm solar installations have dropped almost 80% over the last five years.  A recent study by Purdue University energy economists found that the probability of saving money by using solar energy, rather than standard grid electricity, is 92 percent for Indiana farm businesses.  The Purdue economists also referenced, within the study, the fact that “businesses have an additional cost-saving option not available to residences: Businesses can deduct their Agricultural Solar Energy investment in solar farm energy from their revenues - a tax policy known as depreciation.” But solar is a clear economical choice for farm businesses. The tax advantage from depreciation makes a huge difference in the overall economics."

-Tyner, Purdue University

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Solar Energy Installations

Our job is to use solar energy technology as a hammer to beat down the utility electricity costs, including environmental costs. These costs continue to rise overtime. Energy independence, through solar energy, is a cut and dry process. You go solar and you keep money for your business that would have been sent to the electric utility company. Our goal, is to at a minimum, cut our customer's electric bills in half. We work for you and represent your decision to switch to solar energy. Lumin Energy understands the importance of efficient, cost-effective operations in order for your farm or rural business to reach its objectives.

Lumin Solar Energy Agents will discuss with you the many options for using solar on your farm. We install any type of solar energy system such as: freestanding ground-mount solar installations, solar panels installed on the vast roof space of barns. Solar energy makes it possible to reduce your operational costs related to such costs as: heating and cooling a chicken coop, irrigation and optimal climate conditions in critical areas of production. In addition, solar power reduces your operating costs in an unpredictable climate. You can be assured that gaining access to financing and incentives will be a hassle-free process for you. Our Solar Energy Agents will handle all Permits, Paperwork and Phone Calls!

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Solar Energy Works Best for Farmers

The USDA and Department of Energy have both advocated for the use of solar energy by farmers. The USDA provides an overview of solar energy use by farmers and ranchers in the U.S.  With programs like USDA REAP and PACENATION, solar energy grants and solar loan funding can be guaranteed and reimbursed for up to 25% of your system cost. This on top of the 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit available to every farm or rural business.  The available incentives will allow you to put more back into your farm, or to keep more for your family. We offer free solar quotes and free consultation. We love bring energy independence to Midwestern farms through solar energy installations

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Our Service Area: Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky

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