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Commercial and Small Business Solar Installers

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Commercial Solar Panel Installations for Midwest Businesses
enters the "Early Bird Gets the Worm" Solar Market

When it comes to commercial solar panel installation, for the majority of businesses, the question to ask is, "When and how should your business make the switch to solar energy, not if your business should go solar?" Businesses have a wide variety of solar incentives and rebates available. Our solar energy agents have experience with solar grants and incentives including; MACRS, REAP financing and PACE funding. We apply finance, economics and only the best in technology to each solar panel installation. Our primary focus is to help your business save money. We gladly work for large corporations, as well, we love to save money for our struggling small businesses.

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Lumin Energy Company designs and offers turnkey solar panel installations for businesses. We design with the most advanced and innovative solar energy technology. We optimize your solar panel installation to maximize your solar energy production, while also maximizing energy savings over the long run. Our NABCEP certified solar engineers will design a system that is specific to your business needs. With technology like SolarEdge HDWave inverter technology, Solaredge mobile solar energy monitoring systems, LGChem solar panels and LG Chem solar backup technologies, your team can monitor and control all energy use from a mobile device. Our commercial solar energy systems are changing the future of energy for businesses!

Commercial Solar Panel Installations have dropped over

80% creating US Midwest Solar Energy Market

The price of a commercial solar panel project has dropped 80% over the last five years. Yet the majority of solar energy incentives and solar rebates still remain in place. It has been the case that electric utilities have always increased the per KWH price for electricity over the long term. Businesses have been unable to lock in electricity prices over the long run. Lumin Energy company makes it possible for your company to lock in your solar energy per kwh electricity price at a lower rate, and for a term up to 30 years. We offer a complete hedge against electricity price inflation. Save your company money! Your company will be provided the, best in the solar industry, financial and economic analysis. Ultimately, it is the solar energy technology that determines whether a commercial solar panel installation maximizes returns. Our solar contractors and agents have the technical and the economic solar energy expertise needed for your commercial solar installation. We gladly offer free consultation from our business to yours. Send us your electric bill and a Solar Energy Agent will provide your business a free solar energy quote!

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Our Service Area: Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky

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