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 Digital Energy Decreases Energy Costs 

    Illinois Adjustable Block Program   

The Adjustable Block Program (ABP) is an Illinois state program that creates incentives for those that transition to using digital power as an energy source. The Illinois ABP supports the development of new solar photovoltaic (“PV”) systems through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs.  This Illinois state solar program enables the sale of RECs produced by PV systems to Illinois utilities.  Payments vary depending on the size of the system and where it is located.  If you sign a contract with us, and your application to the ABP is successful, the PV system we install on your roof will be part of the ABP.  


   Energy Savings Solutions for Our Illinois Clients  

Lumin Energy Company will assign you a personal digital energy agent at no cost to you.  We are here to lower energy costs for Ilinois businesses and farms.  This is what we do.  We lower energy costs for our clients.  If you are one of the first Illinois businesses or farms to adopt solar panel digital energy.  Lumin Energy Company believes the incentive just might be there to do so.  ‚ÄčCommercially, the solar installation process does take some time.  Now is the time for us to begin the process of securing Illinois energy options.  Options that will allow your farm or company to optimize incentives.  Optimize incentives applied toward lowering your commercial energy costs.   


   New Internet of Digital Energy  

Perhaps, it is time to attach your business to the new internet of digital energy.  We do not sell solar panels without also including balance of system component technology to provide you new digital energy.  It is time for your farm or company to both produce and consume energy.  It is the inverter technology, digital and internet monitoring and control systems, robotic manufacturing of panels globally at scale driving down panel costs, mounting system technology to decrease labor costs and battery technology globally and at scale, not necessarily the solar module technology, that has made this new energy revolution possible.  This new solar energy market in Illinois provides American energy indepenence at the location the energy is consumed.  This is a marginal profit revolution for Illinois businesses and farms.


   We Handle All Permits, Paperwork and Phone Calls  

Our digital energy agents handle all permits, paperwork and phone calls. Our solar panel energy system interconnection and permitting teams, have been involved in thousands of solar panel interconnections and installations. We have dealt with many cities and counties, and other authorities having jurisdiction regarding solar panel project permitting. Lumin Energy Company optimizes our solar energy systems by implementing the most efficient digital energy technologies on the market, SolarEdge and LG Chem digital energy technologies. 


   Free Solar Energy Consultation  

We find the best digital technology fit for our customers, while making our customers aware of all solar energy rebates, incentives and savings.  Solar energy incentives include federal, state and utility incentives.  Lumin Energy Company invests in ourselves and our communities through industry-leading training, safety procedures, and operations.  We can provide you a plug and play or turn-key ready digitally optimized, monitored and controlled  solar energy installation.  All we need is an electric bill to provide you a free solar energy system quote!