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We Install Commercial Solar Panel Digital Energy Systems
Lumin Energy Company is a modern-day energy company.  Lumin Energy Company produces electricity directly from sunlight.  The sunlight can be used as electricity for your business or farm and finally as a fuel for electric vehicle travel.  We design for mobility, buildings or any other use. When and how should your business make the switch to digital energy?  This is where our energy agents step in.  Businesses have a wide variety of solar incentives and rebates available. Our energy agents have experience with solar grants and incentives including; MACRS, REAP financing and PACE funding.   Our energy agents will walk your company through this new energy transition.  We handle all permits, paperwork and phone calls! 

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Lumin Energy Company is a team of electrical and structural engineers, visionaries, designers, economists and energy analysts. Our teams combine digital energy technology analysis, electrical and structural engineering with aesthetic and economic design. All the services that we provide, you will experience through your our energy agents. Our energy agents will walk your company through this new energy transition. We handle all permits, paperwork and phone calls! Lumin Energy Company designs and offers turnkey solar panel installations for businesses. We design with the most advanced and innovative solar energy technology. We optimize your solar panel installation to maximize your solar energy production.

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Commercial Energy Agents

Lumin Energy Company also offers energy consultations at no cost to our prospective clients. Our energy agents only require an electric bill to begin the process. An energy proposal involves very industry specific technical and financial knowledge. Our energy agents are trained to be industry leading digital energy analysts. Our mission is to optimize energy production for our clients, while minimizing our client’s cost to do so.

solaredge partner
lg certified
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